You Think You Are To Small to Have a Leadership Development Department

Large corporations invest money in their people, especially those that have targeted for Leadership positions. With large in-house programs, tied to major colleges and universities, these organizations are committed to those that they have identified to be potential future leaders.  The investment is huge, with budgets that generally are larger than the incomes of most small to medium size businesses.  Studies have shown that most organizations invest between 5 to 20% of their budget on developing their people, with the more successful ones spending at the mid to high end of the amount.  What is a smaller business to do?  How does a small to medium size business improve the productivity of their people and provide the leadership development to those in leadership positions?  They look for companies who can provide the leadership development without having to carry the costly infrastructure that normally comes with it.  Leadership Management Institute (LMI) has worked with businesses for over forty years, using a process that not only provides the knowledge and the skills, but focuses on changing behaviors.  A process that is guaranteed to produce results within the first few weeks or your investment is returned*!  Call today for a no cost discussion of your company’s leadership goals and whether LMI is the best fit for your business and its success.  804-530-3700

*  The guarantee is based upon the participant attending all workshops, completing the weekly work related projects, not making measurable progress towards agreed upon goals, and the return of all materials.