LMI Offers 3 Simple Keys to Success

#1 Become Goal Directed – Goal driven people focus on the critical few instead of the important many. The economy can be robust or slow, on fire or dried up, it makes NO DIFFERENCE.
Take the “noise” out of the system and be free to say “no’ to good intentions and “yes’ to great actions.
• Goals Produce Focus
• Focus Produces Drive
• Drive Produces Results!

It Is That Simple

#2 Implement an Accountability System – We have to accept the fact that we are responsible for our own economy. Yeah, yeah – nobody wants to be held accountable – whether it is in Business or Life. Our natural tendency is to look to the government, our “boss,” the consumer, our spouse or even “the devil” for someone to be responsible. We can’t control the market, the government, the consumers or even the “devil.” We can; however, control our action, behavior, and attitude.
• Accountability is the road to Higher Achievement
• Higher achievement produces Higher Results
• Higher results give you greater Success!

It is That Simple

#3 Instill a Positive Expectancy – A “can do” committed to success NOW attitude is the motivation to make goals and accountability work. You get what you expect. Positive expectancy is the spark that ignites the passion and builds commitment.
• Positive expectancy creates Resolve.
• Resolve overcomes daily obstacles and roadblocks.
• Overcoming “noise” delivers results.

It is That Simple

Yep, these three keys ARE simple, but it’s extremely hard to put them into practice. Studies show that only 3% of the population use these keys all the time. You probably recognize these individuals. They’re the “lucky” folks. Things go right for them. They don’t join “the sky is falling” bandwagon. They have a clear head in the midst of negative messages. They face reality with clarity and purpose.